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Simple, Effective Strategies to Reduce Anxiety

It can be a good thing when you find your comfort zone. Anxiety likes to keep your world small by making your comfort zone comfortable. Everyone likes a place where they can feel safe. However, sometimes your comfort zone will limit you. You might be missing out on opportunities without even knowing that you’re missing out!

Expanding your comfort zone can bring a whole new world of excitement, passion, experiences, friends, financial opportunities, and knowledge into your life. To take advantage of these benefits, the first thing you must do is embrace change even when anxiety tells you it’s scary.

Life is full of changes. When you get into the habit of finding the good in every change, you become more comfortable with the idea of change itself, and look forward to the new adventures that lie ahead. With this mindset, you’re ready, willing, and able to expand your comfort zone.

Try these effective techniques to help you break free of the limits of your comfort zone and reduce anxiety:

1. Think positive thoughts

When you’re living in a bubble, and that bubble breaks, you’ll most likely feel fear. When you’re scared, focus on thinking more positive thoughts. Instead of thinking about what could go wrong, think about what could go right. Have faith that this new opportunity will bring you to a new, comforting place.

2. Use Your Imagination

By only staying where you’re familiar, you’re actually limiting your imagination. Starting from now, try to exercise your mind. Stretch it to envision doing new things you never considered before.

Try some new activities. Invariably, you’ll find some you enjoy and these will be added to your repertoire of experiences you find comfortable, thus expanding your comfort zone.

3. Take Small Steps

One of the most important tips when it comes to expanding your comfort zone is to tread lightly. If you expect too much too soon, you may shock yourself and go running back to your bubble. Feel free to take even the smallest of steps.

Each step forward is just that: a step forward. These steps will add up to something big as long as you keep trying.

4. Do something new

You don’t have to do anything terribly exciting or even have any expectations about the results. Just do something you’ve never done before. Even trying a new restaurant or taking a different route to work will help. Do something different each day, and soon you’ll be looking forward to your daily adventure!

5. Accept help

If you ask your friends and family for help, they’ll likely be there for you. Have them help you if you’re feeling uncomfortable in a new situation. They might just alleviate your stress and anxiety while you’re expanding your comfort zone.

6. Meet new people

Be open to accepting new friends and acquaintances. Strike up casual conversations with people around you. You never know when you might be able to form a new relationship with someone. Your new friends will help you expand your comfort zone by bringing their friends and new ideas into your life.

Remember that there are no set rules. Your main goal is to be happy with your life. If you’re happy in your comfort zone, you don’t have to expand it aggressively against your wishes. However, if staying within your own bubble may cause you to feel anxiety and regret because of missed opportunities, then try these easy strategies to help you grab all the gusto you can out of life!

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